Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations (COHANDS) is an apex body of 29 State / Central Government Handicrafts Development Corporations, engaged in assisting grass root level organizations, NGO's, Self Help Groups and small entrepreneurs engaged in handicrafts for promotion of handicrafts.


Chairman's Message
Aims & Objectives
Member Corporations
List of Executive Commitee
Executive Commitee Members
Outline of Activities
Powers of Central Government
Rules & Regulations
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1. Membership 2. Admission Fee
3. Annual Subscription / Life Subscription 4. Admission to Membership & Period of Membership
5. Termination of Membership 6. Irregulatities & Indemnity
7. General Body 8. General Meetings
9. Notice of General Meetings 10. Quorum at General Meetings
11. General Meetings to be Chaired By 12. Adjournment of General Meetings
13. Voting at General Meetings 14. Voting Rights of Members
15. Procedure for Election 16. Executive Committee
17. Powers & Duties of Office Bearers of the Council 18. Finance & Revenues
19. Investment of Funds and Their Control 20. Seal of the Council
21. Account & Audit 22. Financial Year
23. Annual List of Committee Members 24. Amendment of Memorandum & Constitution
25. Dissolution of the Society 26. Legel Proceedings
27. Application of the Act

Short Title
These Rules and Regulation may be called the rules and regulations of Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations.

The words in these Rules and Regulations (hereinafter referred as "The Rules") have the same meaning as in the Memorandum and in the interpretation of the Rules, the following words and expressions shall have the meanings as under, unless such meaning is excluded by the subject context:

  • Bye laws mean the bye-laws for the time being made in accordance with these Rules.
  • Committee means the Executive Committee of the Council for the time being.
  • COHANDS shall mean Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations.
  • Council shall mean Council of Handicrafts Development Corporations
  • General Meeting includes the Annual General Meeting and any Special General Meeting
  • Person shall include an individual, accompany. a corporation, a firm, an association of persons whether incorporated or not, a local authority and every other artificial juridical person
  • The Rules & Regulations, or the Rules mean the Rules &Regulations of the Council for the time being
  • Year means financial year commencing from 1st April of every year & ending with 31st March of the following year
  • Masculine gender includes the feminine gender and singular includes plural and vice-versa
  • In writing means, written, printed, typed or produced by any other substitute for writing or partly one and partly another

Forthcoming Events

  • Indian Handicrafts & Gift Fair(Spring) at India Expo Mart Ltd. (IEML), Expressway, Greater Noida - 23rd to 27th Feb, 2018

  • Special Master Creation, 2018 at Dilli Haat, New Delhi - 16th to 31st January, 2018

  • Special Marketing Event for the benefit of artisans from various parts of the county at Vishakhapatnam - 5th to 8th January, 2018

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